We are proud to invite everyone who love and appreciate MTB cross-country to EURASIA MTB stage race. Don't miss your chance to spend time in the heart of the Ural mountains, on the western edge of Siberia, on both sides of the border between Europe and Asia.

The great variety of routes without any pavement! Forest roads, paths, rocks, roots and puddles - everything that riders like.

It's the real Ural cross-country.

MTB stage race will contain Prologue and 4 racing days. We offer accomodation in a comfortable out-of-town camp on the bank of the lake. Also there are options such as: adapted menu for sportsmen, massage, cleaning and maintenance for your bikes, transfer from Ekaterinburg and back.

“Eurasia” will become a worthy addition to the collection for experienced riders and breathtaking start for those, who wanna test themselves(try stages MTB marathon). We promise not only hospitality, but also lots of smiles, perfect mood and unforgettable experience.

Sportsmen from all over Russia come to us every year, now it's your time to join and dive into the atmosphere of EURASIA MTB stage race.


Trails Eurasia-2021

Common data:

Distance - 244,5 km, elevation-5 090 m

09.06.21Prologue - Short race. The distance is 13,6 км, elevation is 309 м
Stage 1 The distance is 79,5 км, elevation is 1 338 м
Stage 2 ХСМ "EURASIA" The distance is 42,5 км, elevation is 1 274 м
Stage 3 The distance is 62.98 км, elevation is 1 483 м
13.06.21Stage 4 - The distance is 45,91 км, elevation is - 686 м



Comfortable hotel rooms will provide maximum comfort and effective recovery for riders every day.


For participants, we offer a varied menu, designed to meet the needs of athletes and for a full recovery after each stage of the race. Meals include four meals such as Breakfast, lunch, dinner 1, dinner 2.

Entry Fee

  • from to 01.12.20 - 5000 rubles
  • from 02.12.20 - 5500 rubles

Will also be present in the turnover of flyers with various discounts discounts-promo codes can be entered when paying.

The cost of participation includes:

  • Preparation, marking and clearing of routes
  • Work org. the composition during the race + days of arrival and departure of participants
  • The work of judges and marshals on the slopes
  • Basic set of the racer (a set of numbers, clamps for fastening, a high-rise profile of each competitive day) Premium attributes (diploma, medal, souvenir)
  • Bicycle washing every day after the race Food on the track (food items water, fast carbohydrates)
  • Evacuation in case of breakage or inability to complete the distance
  • Medical care (first-aid kits at food points)
  • Technical assistance (REM. sets on power points)
  • Operational minor repairs or maintenance of the bike in the start/finish area
  • Wash racing form Photo and video report on

Also available

  • Transfer involve: Transfer Ekaterinburg - Recreation center Iset - Ekaterinburg with a Bicycle by bus - 1200 RUB / person
  • Accommodation in standard room. The option includes: Accommodation in a hotel room category "standard" Recreation "Iset" with double occupancy 5 nights from 10 to 15 June - 7 000 RUB / person
  • Food package, including Breakfast 15.06 The option includes: Three meals a day in the dining room(Breakfast, lunch (after the finish), dinner). 10.06-lunch and dinner, 15.06-Breakfast - 4 400 RUB / person for 5 days
  • Massage. The option includes: Foot massage 20 minutes-3 times In agreement with the therapist, the session may be extended to 40 minutes. - 1 500 RUB

If you have any questions, please write to the chat on the website with your email